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Via Strada Provinciale 4 , 71 Archi di Riposto (CT)

Tel/Fax:(0039) 095.964549 - (0039) 340.6242900



In Sicily there is not a ravine or a rock-cliff or a spring or a stone that were
vivified by the marvelous mystery of the unreal one. In this island everything is possible,

especially the improbable one. Its colors, its strong and penetrating scents, its sweety

and salty waters penetrate in the depth of everyone's soul, emitting thoughts in the

human being , impossible elsewhere to have those ideas because these unique natural

supports are missing. Here in Sicily the earthquakes are shakings of the Stiff Crocodiles

which are concealed in its lava womb; the sea flowings are the monstrouses beings of

the sea called Scilla and Cariddi; lightning is not an electric phenomenon, but it is the

product of the Lames of Vulcano Etna and for his father Jupiter and here the wine is

Marsala or Passito. Ruins are the Valley the of of Akragas Temples, flowers are zagare

(orange blosoms), bergamotti, mandorli (almond) and stars are droplets of light.


Full Informations

Bed N° 7
Conditioned air
Credit Cards
Prices for Single Person € 30
Half Pension € 45
Full pension € 55
( In August € 5 extra per night)
Ping Pong
Balilla football
Baby Parking
Typical restaurant
Own production
Citrus fruit





The agriturismo is only 3 Kms from the Sea
and 30 Kms from the Volcano Etna.