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Contrada San Pietro - Nicosia (EN)

ingresso Via Panotto.

Tel:(0039) 0935.640529 - 0935.640651 - 328.0688663


The "Baglio San Pietro" it is near Nicosia's town (ENNA) (780meters from the sea level). The structure of seventeenth-century, restored in 2001, preserve in its every stone all the characteristics of a strengthened residence, noble and agricultural. The "Baglio San Pietro", become today a pleasant receptive structure, it is for a long time the heart of an ancient agricultural firm, where today the pasture animals are raised with traditional techniques. With his central position, the "Baglio San Pietro" it is the point of ideal departure for car excursions, on foot, in bike or motorcycle, in a territory often little
explored, but rich of naturalistic centers, folklorist and cultural interest.
The places and the sites to visit are :Nicosia, Sperlinga, Leonforte, M. Altesina, M. Campanito. Distribute in its four buildings there are 10 bedrooms, single, double or triple, almost with private bathroom and endowed with centralized heating, the room from tea, the play games room, the small library, the multimedia lectures room (50 places), particular care has been given to the realization of common spaces, inside and outside, equipped for sporting activity, recreational, cultural and relax. A particular attention should be given to the great restaurant hall, ideal for receptions and banquets, where to taste a traditional and refined cousine. The guests of the "Baglio San Pietro" will find some mountain bikes for excursions, a handling settled at few kilometers, and they can participate to one of the so many cultural activities (seminars, workshop, shows and artistic performances) organized by.