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Via Mameli, 22 - 95039 Trecastagni (CT)

 Tel:+39 957807670 







    Situated on the slopes of the Etnaa  550 mt. S.m. in one of the etnei countries

   more antichi and than great Trecastagni fascination,"Il Belvedere dell'Etna".



   the active volcano more high of Europe, that with its laviche taps it offers one 

   only show in its kind.In this context it rises, l'Agriturismo Biologico dell'Etna

   in one calm, fresh zone of mild summer and of winter, flood of colors and scents 

   for serene stay.Extended approximately two hectares, cultivated in biological

   conduction sin from the 1988(AIAB) that with to other products like the biological

   confetture without sugar, they come directly sale in company.



   L'agriturismo he is easy arriving, because much neighbor to the city of Catania

    which every hour is connected (every hour) with Stazione Ferroviaria through 

   Bus company AST, per Trecastagni Altarino Tre Santi angle sud di Via Mameli

    crossing Via Catania e Via Oglialoro.

   From the freeway A18 ME/CT exited casello of Acireale Trecastagni direction.

        "              "        "  escape casello S.Gregorio S.Giovanni direction Punta


   The freeway A19 PA/CT to feed the tangential West fine last escape for Catania

    to continue for Canalicchio - S.Giovanni the Tip - Trecastagni.

   We are in Via Mameli n.22 (contrada Gaglianesi) to south of the S.Caterina

   Church (situated in Via Toselli).