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Via Cristoforo Colombo, 24 - 95121 Catania

Tel:0039 095.7233069 - Cell: 347.6067484




Located in the heart of the old  Catania, 

you will discover odours and perfumed 

fragrances from the most remote times 

with the cathedral, the elephant square, 

the elegant parlour of Etnea street with 

its lights on, 24 hours a day, 

between cafÚs, restaurants , pubs, 

offhand cabaret.

Near the folkloristic  fish-market depth 

of  sea's fragrances and gaudy 
colours like those of a picture.

Located on the sea road, where the 

seaside is like in Florida, easy 

to reach in small time even with 

the public bus service.

In a noble and elegant ambience, with a 

friendly atmosphere, you will find a 
house ac and TV in all rooms, 
own bathrooms and all sure comfort. 


We wish you a wonderful Sicilian Holiday 

fullof pleasure, pace joy and