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Contrada Calcarelli - 90020 - Castellana Sicula Palermo

Tel:(0039) 0921.562180- 340.5036602 - Fax:(0039) 091.304951



Villa Padura is situated in Castellana Sicula, in the heart of the Madonie’s Park, where there are the highest summits of the Sicily. The farm-holiday is an old palace restored

in his own style, and it is composed in two level building, a gracious courtyard and a

smaller house with three wide rooms. The farm-holiday is all immersed in a beautiful

trees garden, like olive grove, apricot trees, prickly pear trees, walnut trees, almond trees. All six bedrooms of Villa Padura are all well-furnished in ancient style.


How to reach:
By airplane:
From the Catania’s and Palermo’s airport.
By train:
From Palermo and Cefalù.
By bus:
The SAIS line-bus from Catania, Palermo and Cefalù.
By car:
From Palermo or Catania: the freeway A 19, Tremonzelli’s
intersection ( 7 km far ), Polizzi Generosa’s crossroad.
From Cefalù: S.S. 286, directing to Castelbuono – Geraci Siculo; the
A19 freeway.

Possibilities of horse riding.






Price - 2005


€ 40


€ 55



€ 70




children: in 0 out 5 years gratis -
in 6 out 12 anni

reduction 50%