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Via del Santuario, 2 - 95024 ACIREALE (CT)
Tel:(0039) 095.7633011 - 095.7648402 - Cell:328.2224441



"The “A.M. Project (Guest House)” and the “Villa Terra di Aci” (bed&breakfast)
are two adjacent structures, situated in Loreto, the residential Acireale’s area.
A.M. Project offers a new style of staying in holiday in Sicily just like his family welcome. The structure is a two elevation building immersed in a garden full of
the good smelling and sicilian tipical flowers like Jasmine and Orange Blossom,
and it is well-furnished. There are also two comfortable lounge to the guests
relax. Moreover the terrace offers a wonderful view from Taormina to Calabrian coast until the great volcano Etna. For the guests there is also a well equipped kitchen. The structure has 2 double bedrooms and 3 single bedrooms, with a private bathroom, phone, TV, air-conditioning system and a cooling mini-bar. To the children under 2 years the staying is free, like just the pets staying. All the staff members speack English, French and German.