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  I want to bring with me few things the odor
of sand and of oleander the beloved footsteps on the roads,
the horizon freed by the wind.
I want to bring anywhere these things boys and happy strays,
rock-cliffs salted by the first kisses and a drop of Mediterranean.
for the cold to come

We invite you to sojourn in an land of frontier,
border of Africa and West, land of spiced wind, of strong wine,
of fascinating contradictions, of simple and savory foods;
land that renews the skin with salt and light, that turn the
heart with exciting landscapes.
If they tell you that this is the paradise of
who loves the sea believe them: gilded sands, little islands and islets,
pure waters, oasis and reserves are our patrimony.
But if you are gourmets, if you like emotions,
if you love to discover treasures, reach us also in
more unusual seasons: come in autumn to taste the new just made fresh wine;
in spring for an anthropological tour among the alive and
touching ceremonies of the Easter; or, you come to breathe the
scent of orange and oven of Christmas.
You will be always near to cities of art, to archaeological and naturalistic famous
sites, with in the heart the impression
to be" elsewhere".