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Via Adua, 28 - Motta S.Anastasia (CT)

Tel:+39 95307891/+39 95307275

Cell:338 9023440-3382868469







   Structure for temporary lodging appartaments in the pressed  of the  base of 

    Sigonella Inn. il Radisson-Holiday,it offers a series of apartments furnishes to you 

   and with services,for lodgings temporary and vacation.The Radisson has 20 apartments

   on one house to two plans, wide parking 24 on 24 hours.The apartments have a every

   day cost of € 65,00. Like arriving freeway from directions Motta S.Anastasia

   freeway A19 Palermo/Catania directions of base of Sigonella Inn.The Radisson offers

   disponibility personality for information tourist in the Sicily.