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Contrada Polleri 13 C.P.165 - Piazza Armerina (EN) - SICILIA
Tel. 328.0042912 Tel. /Fax 0935.683078


SAlfonso Savoca’s Farmhouse Savoca is situated in the heart of the Sicily and it is the ideal place for the nature lovers, infact it is part of the archaeological area of Piazza Armerina where there are the ancient remains of the great “Villa Romana” and the excavatings of “Morgantina”.
The ancient and impressive nineteenth-century farmhouses are all
well-furnished and welcoming. All the rooms are both well-furnished with
old-style furnitures and with own bathroom and kitchen for about 30 people and
they are all near the main Farmhouse and near a little poplars wood where
there are many convivial celebrations during the summer-time.
The “Savioca Farmhouse” has got also an area for the camping staying.
The Farmhouse produces and offers a big choose of tipical sicilian and biological products like wine and oil; breeding products like chickens, eggs and milk; and liqueurs like Limoncello, Finocchietto, Noceto and Rosolio.

How to reach:
The Savioca Farmhouse is 3 km far from Piazza Armerina.
It is in Polleri district n.13. The 16th highway for Mirabella Imbaccari until the 3th km goes to the Farmhouse.
The SAIS, ETNA and AST line bus have a stop just in front of the Farmhouse
( leaving from Piazza Armerina, Mirabella Imbaccari and Caltagirone).